Sunday, March 6, 2011

Samantha-GWP In Need-Hit by Car

Samantha is a GWP in urgent need. The Shelby County NO KILL Mission shelter in KY is doing what many shelters could do if they truly cared about animals. They jumped when the call came in about a dog dragging her leg after being hit by a car. She was rushed to the office of Dr. Amamda Fowler, DVM for emergency services. Her bills are now at $1200. When we were alerted to her need by Michelle Salyers-GSP Rescue, we immediately contacted the Shelter. All donations are Tax deductible as we are a public charity.

We are working with this wonderful group to help on the pending medical bills, and raise funds for Sam's care and rehab here which will be very costly. She is said to be a very sweet girl, as most of our GWP's are...and we are so grateful to this organization that helps so many dogs like Sam.

Our organization truly loves the breed, and have dedicated our lives to the rescue and rehoming of such dogs. We have set up transport with our wonderful volunteers to bring Sam here this week. Our Vet Dr. Todd Knappenberger will be viewing the x-rays and we will go from there on the rehab for this wonderful dog that is so deserving. If you could Please spare even a few dollars, she would so appreciate it. Ths will be a long haul for her and our organization, but we will give it our all.

Sam will require intensive care on our part, and we wish to make this possible. Sharing the widget on your websites and blog would be most appreciated. Let's make this a community effort.

Please watch for updates on Sam as they come in...thank you from the bottom of my heart and that of Sam.


  1. wow....91%! Thank you all so much for contributing...this will allow us to continue to give Sam the extraordinary care she needs!

  2. We have reached our goal! Thank you so much for all your contributions and care for Sam!